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Ahh… sitting in the office on a Monday morning after an already tiring 60 hour work week. Marvelous. I hope they give me Friday off. If so, I’m going to plan something especially enjoyable for my first day off in a WHILE. I need a kick ass Fourth of July to keep me happy. I’ve […]

I love artists who experiment with sampling. And the Avalanches are good at sampling… a lot. In fact, there are reportedly 3500 music samples on this album. Although that’s a pretty high number, the Avalanches have created a nearly seamless 18-track album. I just bought this CD a few days ago, and have been enjoying […]

Work is so much more interesting with music in my ears. For real. I’m a lot more productive now. I’m really awkward and sort of scare myself when I like someone. I guess it’s been a while since that’s actually happened. Also, I’ve realized I like to use. periods. a lot. more. now. rather than […]

I still have some free time, but I feel as if it has gotten so precious to me that I’m choosing to forgo a good night of sleep in order to take full advantage of it. Obviously then, I’m tired. I took a nap yesterday before going out for the night, and it was hard […]


I woke up. The pain and sickness all over me like an animal. Then I realized what it was. The music coming up from the floor was our old friend, Ludwig Van, and the dreaded Ninth Symphony.” – Alex, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

One of my favorite CDs to listen to, so of course it will be my first music post. Listening to Boards of Canada is always a trip, one in which the listener decides where they want to go. Unlike a lot of down-tempo electronic, the album succeeds at being terrifically interesting and unexpectedly organic. A […]