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I’m seeing The Dark Knight again tonight. I guess I feel the need to go see it at least once more before it heads out of theaters (which it probably won’t do for a while). Also, I’m going with a good friend which makes me happy because I haven’t gotten to see much of her […]

God it must be awful to be deaf. My right ear was blocked last week, cleared up, and now my left ear is blocked. It SUCKS. I think it might have been the earbuds I had been using at work all day, or maybe just not using Q-tips correctly and getting ear wax lodged in […]



What a strange start of the work week it has been. I havn’t really been myself, honestly. I’ve lost motivation at work, went to sleep at 10:30 PM last night, and spend way too much time thinking and not enough time actually doing (if that makes sense). Maybe it’s just a case of the Mondays […]


I’ve decided I’m going to try and fully embrace my internship and actually do what I’m supposed to be doing at all times instead of surfing the internet and writing in my blog… like I’m doing now. I can’t keep my tiredness as an excuse to be lazy. Well, maybe I’ll keep time to write […]

Ahh… sitting in the office on a Monday morning after an already tiring 60 hour work week. Marvelous. I hope they give me Friday off. If so, I’m going to plan something especially enjoyable for my first day off in a WHILE. I need a kick ass Fourth of July to keep me happy. I’ve […]

Work is so much more interesting with music in my ears. For real. I’m a lot more productive now. I’m really awkward and sort of scare myself when I like someone. I guess it’s been a while since that’s actually happened. Also, I’ve realized I like to use. periods. a lot. more. now. rather than […]

I still have some free time, but I feel as if it has gotten so precious to me that I’m choosing to forgo a good night of sleep in order to take full advantage of it. Obviously then, I’m tired. I took a nap yesterday before going out for the night, and it was hard […]