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God it must be awful to be deaf. My right ear was blocked last week, cleared up, and now my left ear is blocked. It SUCKS. I think it might have been the earbuds I had been using at work all day, or maybe just not using Q-tips correctly and getting ear wax lodged in […]

Silly music.


As much as I bask in the music that I love, enjoy and would argue for its merit every single day, I enjoy a cheesy pop song every now and then. I guess I could compare that to enjoying a stupid slapstick comedy movie while still having a respectable and informed taste in movies… or […]

I need to stop listening to this album so much. Infected Mushroom falls into the psytrance (or Goa) genre, but they completely make a sound of their own on this CD. Maybe I should listen to more trance, but I still haven’t come across anything that compares. Favorite tracks: “Jeenge,” “Shakawkaw” and “Ballerium”

I love artists who experiment with sampling. And the Avalanches are good at sampling… a lot. In fact, there are reportedly 3500 music samples on this album. Although that’s a pretty high number, the Avalanches have created a nearly seamless 18-track album. I just bought this CD a few days ago, and have been enjoying […]

One of my favorite CDs to listen to, so of course it will be my first music post. Listening to Boards of Canada is always a trip, one in which the listener decides where they want to go. Unlike a lot of down-tempo electronic, the album succeeds at being terrifically interesting and unexpectedly organic. A […]