What an insanely original movie. Even though the film adaptation of the stage production came out over 30 years ago, I was still fascinated at how avant-garde the film proved itself to be even in MODERN DAY terms. Tim Curry was excellent. It’s sad that he has decided to disassociate himself from the film because he really does do a great job as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. While this is not a movie I can go completely nuts over and love every single frame, the technical aspects of it impressed me. The cinematography was well thought out and was actually very memorable, as I am still thinking about some of the effective ways scenes were captured. I guess this is one of those movies you just have to sit down and watch.


I need to stop listening to this album so much. Infected Mushroom falls into the psytrance (or Goa) genre, but they completely make a sound of their own on this CD. Maybe I should listen to more trance, but I still haven’t come across anything that compares. Favorite tracks: “Jeenge,” “Shakawkaw” and “Ballerium”


I’ve decided I’m going to try and fully embrace my internship and actually do what I’m supposed to be doing at all times instead of surfing the internet and writing in my blog… like I’m doing now. I can’t keep my tiredness as an excuse to be lazy. Well, maybe I’ll keep time to write in my blog.

I have Friday off. EXCELLENT. Party time.

I’m in like with someone. That hasn’t happened in a while and it’s a feeling I’m gladly welcoming back into my life. It’s surprising, too, because I have lost a lot of trust in people over the past year.

Currently I’m reading Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom by Andy Letcher. Next up on my list: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Ahh… sitting in the office on a Monday morning after an already tiring 60 hour work week. Marvelous. I hope they give me Friday off. If so, I’m going to plan something especially enjoyable for my first day off in a WHILE. I need a kick ass Fourth of July to keep me happy.

I’ve been feeling particularly lonely lately. But I know I’m not… I have amazing friends and family. I just wish I had more time (and energy) to spend with them. I also miss some people and wish others were around.

My apartment needs to be cleaned… and furnished. Yeah, a couch would be nice. The day that we do get a couch will be an excellent day indeed. Can we say smoke out? Hah.

I havn’t been taking care of my body lately. Maybe because I don’t have the time or motivation to? I’ll try and go for a run today. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I need to get groceries too. I have become a scavenger.

I’m reading again. It keeps the brain healthy.

I hope something super random and exciting happens this week.

I love artists who experiment with sampling. And the Avalanches are good at sampling… a lot. In fact, there are reportedly 3500 music samples on this album. Although that’s a pretty high number, the Avalanches have created a nearly seamless 18-track album. I just bought this CD a few days ago, and have been enjoying it greatly. I recommend a listen.

Work is so much more interesting with music in my ears. For real. I’m a lot more productive now.

I’m really awkward and sort of scare myself when I like someone. I guess it’s been a while since that’s actually happened.

Also, I’ve realized I like to use. periods. a lot. more. now. rather than “…” or “-”

Just an observation.